Precautionary principle and dynamic of innovation

Precautionary principle and dynamic of innovation
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Own initiative
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Delegation for long-range planning and evaluation of public policies
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Date adopted : 11/12/2013
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UNAF Group

    Since its incorporation into constitution in 2005, the Precautionary Principle (PP) has been the subject of many debates and controversies regarding its use and usefulness. Its supporters consider it insufficient to effectively prevent all types of risks; its detractors perceive it as an obstacle to the innovation and competitiveness of our country.
    One thing is clear: the PP is often evoked in any context and out of context. Its definition limits its application to situations of uncertain risk in the domain of the environment and by extension that of health. This principle cannot guarantee zero risk, as any activity is potentially dangerous to humans. Its legitimate application encourages greater research efforts to improve the understanding of potential risk.