Tackling violence against women overseas

Tackling violence against women overseas
Type of text :
Opinion and report
Type of referral :
Government referral
Working group :
Delegation for the Overseas
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 03/29/2017
Rapporteur(s) :
Dominique RIVIERE
Overseas Group
Ernestine RONAI
Associated individual

    Following on from the study on Tackling violence against women, from the most visible to the most insidious forms, reported by Pascale Vion in 2014, this opinion focuses on the efforts to tackle violence against women Overseas and responds to the referral which the Prime Minister submitted to the ESEC on 25 July 2016. There are six overarching strands underpinning the ESEC's 40 recommendations: improve knowledge; step up coordination and cooperation among stakeholders; strengthen training among professionals; promote prevention and awareness-raising; cement the pathway out of violence and increase the resources mobilised.

    The ESEC's opinion recalls that violence against women is a universal phenomenon and goes back over the different forms it can take and its consequences. Highlighting the main features of the remarkable historical, cultural and institutional diversity of the Overseas territories, the opinion provides key data for gauging - in light of current knowledge - the extent of the prevalence of gender and sexist violence against women in these territories. It explores the explanatory or aggravating factors and identifies barriers to and options for changing things for the better, in line with the wishes of the territorial stakeholders: specific characteristics of gender and sexist stereotypes, social perceptions of domination relations between men and women, social precarity, insularity and remoteness, difficulties offering assistance to victims, particularly due to the shortage of reception and accommodation facilities and of training among professionals. Lastly, it outlines local initiatives and recent changes that are evidence of increased mobilisation in the Overseas territories.