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International migrations: a global issue

International migrations: a global issue

Type of text : Opinion
Type of referral : Own initiative
Working group : Section for European and International Affairs

Rapporteur(s) :

Olivier KIRSCH
Qualified Individuals Group
Date adopted : 27/10/2015 | Period : 2010-2015
The landscape of international migrations has changed considerably over the last three decades; the majority of countries are now involved, while migrants’ profiles have become more diverse. New challenges have emerged, of which the humanitarian crisis faced by the European Union constitutes one of the outward signs. In the face of these issues, a new approach to the management migrations needs to be envisaged at the international and European levels.
In this Opinion, rather than immersing itself in current affairs, the ESEC’s intention is to take a detached approach in order to study the full complexity of the question. This results in a series of recommendations aimed at the promotion and effective implementation of international law, guaranteeing fairer and more coherent management of migration issues. As far as the European Union is concerned, the ESEC advocates an approach based on greater solidarity and responsibility between Member States, drawing upon the existing body of law and an improved common migration policy.