Female vital forces

Female vital forces
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Own initiative
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Delegation for women’s rights and equal opportunity
Date d'adoption
Date adopted : 10/28/2015
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Student Bodies and Youth Movements Group
    With the first almost-egalitarian term of the ESEC, which, thanks to the law, has become the constitutional assembly with the highest level of female representation (44% of women holding positions within the organisation) coming to an end next November, the DDFE (“Delegation for Women’s Rights and Equality”) has decided to look at female vital forces by offering an unprecedented overview of the place of women within civil society organisations, as represented within the ESEC.
    The findings are definitive: despite the favourable legislative developments and a constantly increasing number of campaigners and volunteers, the proportion of women holding executive positions within organisations continues to progress very slowly and the gender employment gap remains.
    Organisations are not, of course, neutral since they foster values that stem from society. In the absence of any active measures to promote equality, they are naturally inclined to reproduce gender inequalities internally. Working to achieve neutrality therefore calls for action.