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Climate justice : Challenges and propsects for France

Climate justice : Challenges and propsects for France

Type of text : Opinion
Type of referral : Own initiative
Working group : Section for environment

Rapporteur(s) :

Date adopted : 27/09/2016 | Period : 2015-2020
The almost universal nature of the Paris Agreement must not hide the persistent gap between the States' commitments and the effort to be made between now and 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order that keeping global warming to well below 2°C remains a possibility.
Even limited to 2°C, global warming will have consequences which our society will have to adapt to. There is a real risk that the inequalities, between those with the means to adapt and those without, will increase.
The aim of climate justice is to do everything possible to stop global warming from increasing these inequalities. It came across as a key theme during the opening of COP 21. As a strong claim which has been coming from civil society on an international scale since 2003, it is also used ahead of negotiations by political leaders of developing countries.
The ESEC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council) supports the fight against all forms of inequality. The opinion aims to contribute via its proposals to public policies which will help to limit, and if possible, to reduce social and economic inequalities caused by global warming on a national level.

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